Amaranth Insight

Semiotics & Qualitative RESEARCH for Brand & Creative Development

“William does amazing work. He has a very good understanding of the brief and keeps it in mind throughout the project. His insightful use of semiotics and strong rapport with consumers set him apart. But above all, his excellent reports provide deep, meaningful and actionable findings.”

Emiliana Vidali | Global Senior Consumer Planner Whiskies Portfolio & Gordon’s DIAGEO


Superfood for the creative process

We use Semiotics and Qualitative Research to generate clear and deep rooted insights, to aid creative development and help deliver long term brand growth. Semiotics and Qualitative are two sides of the same coin, both concerned with finding out what ‘meanings’ people seek and respond to. Qualitative starts from what consumers say and do, while Semiotics starts from how brands express themselves though packs and ads. We combine both disciplines to cultivate insights which serve as superfood for the creative process

William Landell Mills

William works extensively on major global brands, bringing fresh thinking to numerous categories. He identified the core insight on which the original brief for 02 was written. He has unlocked ‘Breakfast’ for Kellogg’s and ‘Sex’ for Durex. He has developed proprietorial methods for Ford, Jaguar Land Rover, SAB Miller and BT. He provided the insight behind Essity’s Global Brand Platform and guided their creative from inception to rollout. He co-authored a cultural analysis of the Ideal Man across 10 markets and is pioneering the integration of Semiotics with Social Media Analytics. William founded Amaranth Insight in October 2017

“I really love working with William, and find that on every project we do together he brings our thinking and insight to an entirely new height. His approaches to qual, and especially his approach to semiotic analyses, have uncovered powerful new thinking for our clients and our creative teams. He is generous, thoughtful and a great deal of fun to work with. I can wholeheartedly recommend William and his collaborators at Amaranth.”

Kari Marubbio Freeburn, Head of Strategy Publicis London.

The envious Rose

The Amaranth’s flower blossoms for a very long time. There is a myth about how the Rose envied its enduring bloom. Much ‘insight’ is superficial and short-lived. Amaranth Insight combines semiotics and qual to generate the enduring insights which help brands thrive

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