Three principles which make the difference between reportage and genuine insight


Consumers have a powerful instinct to rationalise their opinions. We put great importance on observation and projective exercises to surface the underlying meanings


It is vital to have a structural analyses of how brand, user and category are defined by the implicit narratives, so as to put ‘liking’ into context (see the grid in the case study on Pubs)


Purpose of stimulus is not to ‘test it’ (it will always be imperfect) but to find out what people do connect with and what doors it opens. We are searching for gold, not marking the homework

Combined with pragmatic measures to ensure a seamless experience

We only work with
genuine experts

We intensively hand craft each project

We make the insights

“We have been working with William on the most challenging global project we have ever developed. Challenging as our category carries huge human and cultural sensitivities. I haven’t worked with any other researcher that I would have such confidence in partnering with to do this. I thoroughly recommend him for any creative development process.”

Scott Needham | Head of Account Management, Havas