“It is, I think, absolutely impossible to conceive of meaning, without order”
Claude Lévi-Strauss

What do you mean? And what could you mean?

We use the Semiotic Square to help us surface the implicit patterns of meaning which frame consumer perception. This allows us to locate an ad or design in terms of the codes it expresses. The framework can be extended using existing trends, to understand what new areas of meaning may evolve. This allows you to position your brand in a way that addresses the future.

The map below is an example from some work we did on Children’s stories. Can you locate Harry Potter, Paddington or Star Wars? Engagement in the narrative is driven by the movement between spaces. Give us a call if you would like to discuss.

“William conducted semiotic analysis which gave us the category codes I wished we had had before briefing our creative agencies. We would have saved a round of creative work as well as nurturing our thinking, definitely worth the expenditure.”

Stephane Nabeyrat Tata Global Insight